Real-time nutrient sensing for smart fertilization

We believe in a new era for fertilization by understanding nutrients concentration in the plant juice, directly on the field.

Direct molecular sensing for enabling digital health

We build electrochemical biosensors to measure molecules in body fluids with high precision.


If your medical device targets such molecules and it is very convenient for the patient to use, but you need more comprehensive data, talk to us.

Since 2007, the Bio-Gründer Wettbewerb supports founders with revolutionary ideas in Bönen.

In 2022, we secured 2nd Place! Many thanks to Dr. Oliver Bonkamp for his encouragement.

What a night in Berlin!

We are very proud for receiving the 3rd place at the Innovationspreis Moderne Landwirtschaft, directly by the hands of Nikola Steinbock from the Rentenbank!

3rd Prize in the Plan B Pitch Competition 2022!

Side-by-Side with start-ups that are already in the market, we were able to secure third place - that is only a start. Prize delivered by Braskem!

People are excited about us

Bio-Security, Bönen.
Forum Moderne Landwirtschaft, Berlin.
Plan B Competition, Straubing.

Diversity is our super power

Four nations united for one goal: NutriSen's complementary team combines co-inventors with business experts to put the best product in the farmers' hands.

Tobias Vöpel


Father, husband and biochemistry fan, Tobias dedicates his mind to bring innovative technologies to the world. His biggest aim is to reduce as much agriculture-related GHG emissions as possible.

Débora Moretti


A proud Brazilian, Débora combines science and entrepreneurship to deliver useful technologies to the market. Responsible leadership and collaboration are her trademarks.

Alaa Oughli


Leading scientist of this team, Alaa coordinates research and manufacture of our biosensors. His passion is divided between his family and the application of chemistry to solve real-world needs.

Nicolas Plumeré


Nicolas's vision is the backbone of this company. His research first at the University of Bochum and now at the University of Munich is enabling farmers to better understand their plants.