What if your plants could say
exactly what they need?

Our sensors measure the exact amount of nutrients your plants have in the moment of the measurement.

Through data retrieved from satellite platforms, we understand the variability of your field and calculate the needs for each condition.

Register your field

Get access to our fertilization recommendation platform, so as you can register your fields.

Don't worry, your data is yours and only yours.

Receive an overview

By registering the fields, the platform will retrieve the satellite data from the Copernicus program, so as to understand how green your fields is and how many shades of green they have!

Empower your data

Satellite data is a beginning, but not enough.

Upgrade your account and receive at home the sensors you need for summer and winter seasons.

Check your plants

With the help of satellite, the fertilization platform will spot three locations that are representative for the whole field and its variability.

There you can collect a couple of plants, extract the juice, and measure with the sensor. 

Time is gold

At the very spot, you will receive the information about the nutrient status of your plants.

Even without internet, the platform can calculate the amount of fertilizers needed according to the nutrient status of the field.

No more, no less.

A win-win situation

In average, NutriSen sensors can reduce 20% of applied fertilizers and increase 10% the yield.

This could mean 80€ savings and an additional income of 240€ per hectar*!


*prices for wheat farmers, December 2022

We've got your back

Power up the experience that you have, with the technology we can provide.

The climate and environment are changing too fast and we won't rest until farmers receive the support they deserve.